Are you looking for sensible, caring and conscientious people to care for your pets and home? If so, look no further. 


We have been caring for pets and homes almost full time for the past five years in North America, Central America, Europe and now SE Asia, and have received accolades from each and every home/pet owner. In fact, we have some home owners who book their vacations to fit our availability! 


We are a couple who, in 2013, decided to sell our ‘dream’ acreage, most of our belongings, leave our two cats and chickens with good friends, and spend the next several years exploring the world.

With no children at home, good health, financial stability and no grandchildren, it seemed to us that this was the time to become gypsies. We see ourselves living the traveler’s/housesitter’s life for the next several years. Eventually we know we will settle down again, but we aren’t sure where that will be.

We are animal lovers and non-smokers. Gail is fluent in both English and French. Both of us are actively learning Spanish and, while still beginners, see the progress.

We love reading and learning, cooking, gardening, experiencing new cultures, walking, music and being outdoors. For health reasons, we have recently begun eating a whole food, plant based diet (vegan) while on our own. When with others, we are willing to incorporate small amounts of meat and dairy products. (We call ourselves ‘flexitarians’!)

To learn more about us, please see the Our Story section. 


What do we offer as pet and house sitters?

We care for your home, yard and pets as you would, following the detailed instructions you leave us. This includes:

  • feeding, exercising and loving your pets,

  • IMG_0390keeping your home clean and tidy,

  • regular yard and garden maintenance,

  • coordinating with any home help you have,

  • maintaining your pool or hot tub,

  • staying in your home every night 

  • dealing with any emergency that may arise

  • providing updates and photos on a schedule you determine.

While we are not expert handymen, we are able to deal with basic issues and know when to call in the experts on your list. 

We generally do not charge for our services. However, if you wish us to do items outside regular care and maintenance, we would discuss the payment of a suitable fee with you. Some examples of this would be planting, caring for a guest suite, giving a sick pet specialized care, landscaping… 

Security Clearance: We have a criminal background check from Canadian police (RCMP) as well as a NEXUS card (which involved security checks from both Canadian and US governments, and a personal interview). We are willing to share copies of these with home owners if requested. 

What do we ask in return?

We see house and pet sitting as a mutual exchange; you have peace of mind knowing your home and pets are being cared for. In return, we have the opportunity to live in and explore a new area while, at the same time, having a temporary home. 

We do have a few things we require in a sit; 

  • A home that is clean where space has been made for us to unpack our belongings. 

  • A comfortable bed – at least a queen as Randy is a large man (and a bed hog!)

  • A kitchen that is conducive to cooking (something we love to do together). Note: a full kitchen is not necessary in SE Asia as we love street food.

  • Good wifi as we use the internet for all of our communication.

  • Ready access to markets and grocery stores. This may be a loaned vehicle, public transportation, or as we experienced in Belgium, bicycles. We do have our own car in Canada and the US. 

We are a responsible, competent and reliable couple who will care for your home and pets as if they were our own. 

Caring for homes and pets is the way we can afford to travel full-time, so it is extremely important for us to do the very best job possible. It is something we take very seriously and why we call ourselves professional pet and house sitters.