“I had written my original House Sitters review after speaking with Chris on the phone and he said how everything was when he got home.  I was still on the mainland at that time.  Now I am home and have seen little signs of extra care you have given to our home, even down to the perfect folding of the two towel sets in the bunkie! …

Traces of your kindness, conscientiousness and just plain love is evident even still in our home.  So this review is directly from my heart…thank you very, very much.”

Jackie, Gabriola Island, Canada (in an email)

We have received excellent reviews for all of our pet and house sits, have done repeat sits and remained friends with several of the owners.

Caring for homes and pets is the way we can afford to travel full-time, so it is extremely important for us to do the very best job possible. It is something we take very seriously and why we call ourselves professional pet and house sitters.


IMG_5471I have discovered that chatting on Skype is the BEST way to discern the overall character of a housesitter a well as their abilities. When I initially talked to Gail and her husband Randy, we talked for 45 minutes and could’ve just continued on and on. And I knew they were the ones. Sure enough, they were wonderful. We don’t have an easy brood to care for, either, (3 dogs that don’t like my 3 cats; 1 cat that doesn’t like the other 2 cats; so they all have to be separated; and my kitty has a special diet) but they did superbly during our entire 3 week vacation (which, btw, was completely carefree for my husband and I because we KNEW our critters were in the best hands possible). My recommendation is to grab these housesitters IMMEDIATELY with no second thoughts, and you will be so glad you did. And, if you’re lucky, maybe they’ll cook YOU dinner, too (another of their amazing talents).



DSC_0356We live in a rural setting and enjoy our 3 cats and 30 chickens! The cats have the run of the house, but have to be outside ad lib. Of course eggs must be collected at least once a day! A rather extensive garden also needs watering and harvesting! Plus, 2 miniature burro pets! So we needed a couple to take on this rather daunting house-sitting responsibility for a week. We feel extremely fortunate to have found the perfect match with Gail and Randy! The pets were happy, the garden flourished and everything looked great when we returned. Even the lawn was mowed!! 




 Gail and Randy have housesat and looked after our two cats on several occasions.

They are totally reliable and trustworthy! They are attentive to our elderly cats nuances, and they look after our home and gardens like they are their own.

We would highly recommend this friendly couple and we will continue to have them stay at our place when we go away.





My wife and I were away for almost 3 weeks. During that time, Randy and Gail house sat for us.

We have a large acreage with laying hens and broilers, two dogs and a very large parkland flower garden with lawn.

Randy and Gail tended to all of the animals and when we got back the yard was beautiful, and the animals were content. The house was clean with fresh linens and a meal waiting.

We will definitely contact them for any future house sits we have.




Gail and Randy are wonderful caring people and they looked after our house and cats as if it were their own.

They have been fantastic in dealing with sick animals, everything involved like dealing with the vets, providing regular updates and reassurance that everything is going well. They are trustworthy, genuine and have the great talent of making you feel at ease instantly. Our cats loved to be with them too.

The fact that they are both great cooks and cooked us delicious dinners before we left and on our return made this first experience just absolutely perfect. Whenever they want to come back to Belgium they are always welcome in our home.



Gemaux, Vienna

For the first time, Gail and Randy came to care for my home. They took perfect care of my cat, apartment and terrace garden.
They are so well organized, even when the stove top didn’t work, they were able to deal with it. They had perfect behavior and, even though I said to use my foods, they didn’t touch anything. Even though I had very poor computer contact, they were always able to stay in touch. They were able to settle problems with the electricity with the help of a friend that I had left. They are clearly unbelievable. When I came back, the house was impeccable, even cleaner than when I left.
I highly recommend Randy and Gail. Anyone who can have them care for their home is very fortunate.
You can call me in German, French or English for a reference.



Gail and Randy are nothing short of exceptional people and house sitters, and two of the most wonderful people we have ever had the pleasure of not only meeting, but house sitting with.

Gail and Randy came to us as the first attendees at the live House Sitting Academy experience we ran in Greece in late 2014. The property, known as Delenia, is one of AirBnBs top 40 properties when it is rented out in the summer months. However over the winter months it is managed by house sitters, and in winter 2014 became the location of the worlds first Live House Sitting Academy.

The property at Delenia is massive, rugged and very remote, perched right on the rocky cliff line of the Aegean Sea. It receives varied and often extreme weather, and Randy and Gail certainly had a full taste of it. Over half an hour away from the nearest town by car, it is a place that participants need to be very self sufficient and resourceful, and Gail and Randy exceeded all our expectations in this regard.

Over the two weeks they attended the Academy in Greece they undertook duties with the dogs, cats, chickens and Macaw Parrot, performed a lot of heavy gardening, and assisted with the running of the household where a dozen people were staying at the time. They were an invaluable asset to Jodie and myself in establishing routines for the property and ensuring all tasks were done to a very high standard.

Gail and Randy are high self starters, readily identifying tasks that needed to be performed around the property and completing them. At the time of them being here, the property required an incredible amount of work around the extensive gardens and grounds. They undertook everything with complete confidence, initiative and vibrancy.

Gail and Randy are two of the most personable and genuinely caring people you will ever meet. They were well loved by all during their time at Delenia, and are particularly missed greatly for their wisdom, experience and connection by Jodie and I.

We could not recommend two more caring, dedicated and genuine people than Gail and Randy for your house sitting requirements. You will definitely not be disappointed by your choice.



Emily in Courtenay

Gail and Randy stayed in our home for a month while we were in Florida.

One couldn’t ask for better house-sitters and our cat (who is very particular) was extremely fond of them, too.




Aimée of Coronado

I would like to thank Gail and Randy for caring for our home and our precious 3 Dogs and 3 Cats. This they did for 5 weeks while we took a vacation.

On our return it was quite obvious that all of our animals were very happy and well cared for. Our home in very good order and a lovely bouquet of flowers to welcome us back home.

The BEST house and pet sitters ever



Brushing Dusty in Spruce Grove

Gail and Randy were the perfect ‘pet/house sitters’ as they had had an acreage before retiring.

They looked after the house, yard and our three cats with such attention to detail and care that I was humbled.

They became instant friends and we would be delighted in the future to have them come house-sit for us again.




IMG_8237Gail and Randy house-sat for us from the beginning of September to mid-December 2015.
They were wonderful. They are a personable couple who take their duties very seriously. This was vital for us, since those duties included the preparation of the holiday-suite rental in our house, plus helping to a great extent with its management while we were in Europe. Guests had nothing but praise for them and for the standard of cleanliness in the suite. All the organisational help they gave with the rentals went seamlessly.
We arrived back to a house and half-acre garden in wonderful shape, and glowing comments from the woman who rents the large workshop on our property.
Neither of us could see any reason why our experience would be different for anyone else using them as house-sitters. The way they treat their responsibility towards the people they house-sit for seems to be a reflection of their excellent characters.
We have had very good house-sitters in the past. Gail and Randy have set a new standard for the future.



IMG_8542Gail and Randy took care of our home for two months over the winter (Feb/March, 2016). We felt very comfortable with them from the first moment we spoke with them on the phone and this impression was confirmed when we met them before the housesit and the afternoon they spent with us before we went away. We found mutual interests related to books, travel and birdwatching – and enjoyed sharing experiences prior to leaving as well as via email while we were away.
They are both knowledgeable, caring, considerate and careful people. Randy drove us to and from the airport (even though our departure was very early in the morning). They emailed us regularly, providing updates about the house and yard, neighborhood and their local experiences. We had some work that needed to be completed while we were away and they followed through, made arrangements and supervised the work and outcome. They communicated questions they had about the house, including where they should weed in the yard! We came back to find our house immaculate and yard weeded and spring time ready (a real pleasure for us)!
They had even prepared a wonderful meal for us on return, delicious and a recipe they were willing to share.
We would love to have them take care of our home at any time in the future.




This was our first experience with XXX (housesitting platform) so we were somewhat cautious with using the service. The task of choosing someone to look after our house and cats while away on vacation was more than simply picking someone who responded to our request. To us it meant entrusting everything we own to people who would take the same pride and responsibility in caring for our ‘home’ as we would.

Every single encounter we had with Gail and Randy reaffirmed why they should be the surrogate parents to our cats during our three week vacation in Europe. Following is a list of examples supporting our decision to choose the best possible housesitters for us:

Interview Process

1. The personalized reply stating why they would be good candidates for taking care of our ‘life’ while we were away was articulate, showed understanding, and let their personality come through.
2. After viewing their detailed profile page, reading their references, noticing they had taken the effort to offer a background check, and watching their video, we decided to reach out to them as our potential TrustedHousesitters.
3. Our communications were all via email until we scheduled a time to speak with them through Skype. We chatted about the process, their experiences, our needs, etc. We brought them on a virtual tour of the home and introduced them to our cats during the ‘visual’ phone call.

Preparing for the Visit

1. Randy and Gail sent us detailed documents to be filled out with all sorts of personal information about our home and the care of our cats. After a few days we sent the completed forms back to them through a secure website.
2. We discovered a checklist for the homeowner(s) to complete on the TrustedHousesitters website. This helpful tool prompted us to prepare the home for their arrival. After completing the checklist and filling out a few more forms, we submitted them to Gail and Randy.
3. A few weeks went by before I realized we hadn’t communicated with Randy and Gail. The very next day we received an email saying, ‘We are looking forward to our visit! Hopefully you are as excited as we are.’ Yep, they read minds too.
4. Gail and Randy had been to the cities we were planning to visit so offered some tips and information on tourist attractions to see while there.
5. One of our cats got sick just prior to our leaving on vacation. We ended up postponing our trip by a couple days. Gail and Randy reassured us through pictures and first hand experience that they were ready, willing, and able to care for our ill kitten as needed while we were away. We were so incredibly comforted by this response that we felt we were leaving our kittens in better care than we could provide.

The Housesit

1. We were not able to meet Randy and Gail in person prior to leaving for our global adventure. Our friends were able to meet them at our home. Since we had shared our concerns of our indoor cats potentially getting outside, our friends said Randy and Gail were sure to lock the cats in a room in the house before bringing their luggage in from the car. 

2. Gail and Randy had family in the area and asked if we minded them visiting and spending the night. We were happy they were comfortable entertaining company at our home. And glad they checked with us prior to making arrangements.
3. We would send updates from our adventures and they would do the same. After a couple weeks away, we were missing the kittens more than usual. One request to Randy and Gail for more images of our kittens, and we were receiving pictures more frequently during the rest of our trip.
4. Randy graciously picked us up from the airport when we returned to Seattle. We did not ask for this courtesy, they insisted on it.
5. We arrived home to Gail greeting us at the door, dinner cooking on the stove, content kittens (best compliment possible), and a clean home with every window open allowing a lovely breeze on a warm summer day in Seattle.
6. Randy and Gail stayed at our home for two nights after our return. During this time we were treated as special guests in our own home. I wasn’t sure how this would feel after returning from a long vacation, but it was the most welcoming experience we could have ever imagined.

This is a long, detailed reference which we hope you have read to the end. The scenarios explained all play a part in providing a positive venture for both parties who use this website. We plan to travel the globe utilizing this community. Gail and Randy were the perfect role models for us to exemplify what being a trusted housesitter is all about. Thank you for providing the best possible experience for us as first timers.



IMG_0697Gail and Randy took excellent care of our home and pets while we were away for 11 days. Our dog and cat made fast friends with them, and no issues arose while we were gone. They made sure to send us text and photo updates of the pets. Gail and Randy also took great care of the yard, ensuring that the garden was watered and the lawn was mowed. The house was in pristine condition when we arrived home.

They asked for clear details of the house, yard and pet care before we left so that they did not have to contact us about anything minor while we were away.

Wonderful sitters!




Gail and Randy did a phenomenal job looking after our large home, garden, pool, and multiple pets. As we were traveling out of the country for a month, it was super to have such organized, reliable, and “professional” house-sitters looking after everything!

The house was absolutely immaculate when we returned, and Gail and Randy very graciously provided fresh milk, eggs, and coffee creamer in the fridge. Our pets were healthy and happy. The flowers in the garden looked lovely. And we have never had house-sitters leave the house in such a tidy and welcoming state!




Gail and Randy were fabulous! It was wonderful being on holiday and knowing my house and 2 dogs and cat were being looked after and loved with such care and attention.

The house was spotless upon my return! The pets were happy and healthy, and I could tell they adored their time with Gail and Randy. They visited the dog park every day and got lots of cuddles! Gail and Randy made sure they knew all of our routines and the ins and outs of the house before I left. Pets and house were very well taken care of. They updated me with info and pictures of the pets every once in awhile while I was away.

Gail and Randy are a delightful couple. They are warm, friendly and caring. They are experienced house and pet sitters who are organized and very responsible. I highly recommend them.




Gail and Randy were phenomenal house and petsitters while we were away on a long work trip for 7 weeks in Ajijic, Mexico. One of our cats has a heart condition and they easily adapted to his routine of twice daily meds before meals. They are sociable and fit in easily with our friends at the dog park, where they took our dog everyday for his daily run. They sent us updates as much as we wanted along with playful, interactive photos of them with our animals. We all (animals included!) loved them so much that they are coming back for our next two housesits. We are hoping they’ll come for more! They are impeccably detailed with their questions and note taking to be sure that all bases are covered with the house and animals. Impressive! We couldn’t ask for better caretakers for our furry beings. Don’t hesitate for a moment with having this highly-organized, adaptable and loving duo care for your home and pets!




Gail and her husband, Randy, cared for our house and our dogs for two weeks.

They were wonderful with the dogs, followed our wishes and instructions to the letter, and have become very good personal friends.

We would not hesitate to invite them back the next time we travel and highly recommend them.



STEVE & RICK, MARCH 2017, AJIJIC MEXICO (repeat sit three times)


Gail and Randy Harrison are excellent house sitters. We have been able to use them for a couple of 2 week trips and have been delighted both times.

They are detail oriented and take care of the house and pets as I would. They have provided airport transportation, managed the household help (maid, gardener, pool guy) and had the fridge restocked for our return.

We are planning some travel based on their availability next year.

Highly recommended!




Gail and Randy sat our animal menagerie from April 12th to 21st. They sent us pictures and updates a number of times throughout our trip. I was really pleased to see in the pictures that all of our animals were well taken care of. There was pictures of the dog going on his walk and pictures of the cats sitting on various knees. They looked happy.

When we returned the house was neat and tidy and all our animals were relaxed.

We were thrilled with Gail and Randy and would definitely use them again.




Gail and Randy recently took care of our dog and cat for a week while we were on a family vacation. Our rescue dog can be nervous and a bit quirky so we really didn’t want to take him to a kennel. A friend suggested the XXX (housesitting) website so we thought we’d give it a try.

We were a little skeptical at first having someone come from out of town to stay at our house but did a Skype meeting with Gail and Randy and were immediately comforted by them. They were personable and answered all of our questions (and there were a lot!). After that meeting there was no doubt that they were the ones we wanted to watch our pets.

We were fortunate enough that they were in Calgary for another sit prior to our vacation so they came by our place to meet in person and meet the animals. They knew exactly how to approach and handle them. Gail also gave us a questionnaire to complete that was very detailed so there were no unanswered questions on pet or house care.

On our vacation, they took our dog for multiple walks a day and Randy spent hours chasing him in the backyard (his favourite). Gail and Randy emailed us everyday with updates, photos and some cute videos. The cat was always in someone’s lap and there was even a photo of Randy lying on the ground next to our big boy! It was very reassuring to see how happy they were and we loved getting the emails. It made our vacation that much more relaxing knowing they were probably having a better time without us!

Upon our return, our house was left in perfect condition. We also did a phone call with them to recap the week and say our thanks. We hope to have them back for future vacations and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them in an instant (unless it’s for when we plan to go away!). Our experience with them was nothing short of excellent.




Gail and Randy watched our house and cared for our animals while my husband and I were out of the country for almost 3 weeks. From the moment they walked into our home we knew we had made the right choice. They are both very open and loving and we felt 100% comfortable leaving our 12 fur & feathered babies in their care.

They are very organized, ask the right questions, and both are very smart and capable. Our home was in better shape when we returned than when we left! All of our animals were happy and healthy and they all loved Gail & Randy.

I would highly recommend Gail & Randy to anyone who is looking for an amazing couple to care for their home and animals!



We spent June, July and August in Canada and the United States, visiting family and doing workaways.  


SHARON, AJIJIC MEXICO, SEPTEMBER TO OCTOBER 2017 (repeat sit five times)

Randy with Tommy
Tommy enjoys relaxing with Randy as he (Randy!) works on his iPad.

Gail & Randy are one of our top choices whenever we have pet/housesitting needs! They are incredibly reliable, responsive, clean, organized and absolutely love our pets. During our last trip we were traveling for work out of the country for 7 weeks while they cared for our home and pets. While we were away we had mechanical problems with our vehicle and they expeditiously took care of what was needed to get it to the shop, took a bus back and forth several times and ultimately it was working by the time we returned. In addition, one of our cats had a several seizures and an acute rise in blood pressure while under their watch. They took him to the vet several times during their stay to help get to the root cause of his issues. They are very good about keeping us updated as well as sending regular photos of our pets by email. Our animals love Gail & Randy and are always happy to see them when they arrive. We can’t highly recommend them enough!




Gail and Randy are reliable, careful, and devoted to the pets they care for. Our shy cat loved them from day 1. We wish we had more time to spend with them. They are full of stories of their travels, and they make the most of their visits, enjoying the opportunities offered. At the same time, they take good care of the home they are responsible for, and our maid and gardener found them pleasant to deal with.





Gail and Randy were our house and pet sitters from Nov. 20 thru Nov. 24. We found them via HouseSitMexico. I can’t tell you how lucky we were to have them. They took fine care of our house and even had a meal waiting for us upon our return. Overall their service was very professional and first rate.IMG_1065

Of particular worthy of mention was their pet care which was above and beyond what one could expect. Specifically, they came over a day early to introduce themselves and meet our two dogs. While they were taking the dogs out for an introductory walk, one of the dogs was attacked by a neighbor’s pit bull. It took Randy and Gail and several other people quite a while to get the pit bull to release his bite. Our dog’s ear was severely damaged. Randy was also bitten, requiring medical attention. Our dog was rushed to the Vet who stitched up his badly torn ear, part of which was in tatters and had to be surgically removed. We left the dogs in Randy and Gail’s care as planned for the next 5 days. They reported that our dog was quite traumatized for the next 2 or3 days before getting back to his old cheerful self.

Don’t know what we would have done without them.





Gail and Randy cared for my two shih Tzu mixes and my island home in WA state for 2-1/2 weeks when I was out of the country on vacation.

Imagine having dear friends or close family in charge of your beloved pets and home, and that might begin to describe the experience I had with Gail and Randy. My little dogs felt right at home with them, and went on many adventures. When I returned home, the yard and house were tidier than when I left! And they prepared a lovely, light dinner that I enjoyed again for lunch after they’d departed the next morning.

I can’t recommend Gail and Randy highly enough. I dearly hope to see them again, either as house/pet-sitters or simply as friends when they return to the area to visit friends and family.




Having Gail and Randy reside at my residence and looking after my two cats, made my 2 month vacation worry free. Weekly updates were also comforting. Upon my return, my home was like I had never left, and my cats obviously had an attachment to them. A lovely couple. Their house sit went above and beyond my expectations. No longer house sitters to me, they are like extended family. Highly recommended




Gail and Randy cared for our Island home and pets for over a month. We are extremely happy with the conscientious care they provided. Our home was left spotless and our cats contented! They are independent house sitters who are great at problems solving situations as they arrive. We are pleased to have had the honor of having them in our home and will welcome them back anytime. Thanks again Gail and Randy! 





This was our first experience with TrustedHousitters and we were very pleased. Gail and Randy were a pleasure to work with, and cared for our pets and home as if it were their own. Our small dog and cat were calm and happy when we returned from a one-week get-away, and we received regular updates and sweet photos to let us know how they were doing throughout. Gail and Randy went above and beyond what we would have expected and did so with a friendly, flexible, and conscientious approach. They even drove us to and from the airport and worked around our travel schedule. We would recommend them without reservation!





moosey, ms teee g&r

Gail and Randy took wonderful care of my house and my pets while I was away. They are extremely professional and were very organised in plenty of time before arriving. Whilst staying they kept my house very tidy and were very efficient in completing the general house duties that were necessary. They took very good care of my dog and cat by giving them ample love and attention and sent me pictures every day so I could see how well they bonded with them. My pets clearly enjoyed them being there and really went the extra mile to make sure that they were comfortable. If I had the opportunity again I would have them house sit for me again in an instant and am 100% confident that they would be just as excellent for anyone who is considering them.